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Hollyhock serves as your reliable LOGIX ICF dealer and installer in Winnipeg. We deliver top-notch insulated concrete forms for long-lasting and energy-efficient building ventures.

What is LOGIX ICF? 

LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms stand out as the premier ICF Brand in North America, having successfully constructed over 100 million square feet of ICF walls in various residential, commercial, and multi-story structures. 

Logix ICF offers an energy-efficient, durable wall system that is fast to construct, sound-resistant and boasts a 3-hour fire resistance certification.

Discover the Advantages of LOGIX ICF

Superior Energy Efficiency

LOGIX Pro walls boast an impressive R-24 thermal resistance rating, while Logix Platinum walls offer an even higher R-27. With exceptional R-values, thermal mass, and virtually airtight construction, these walls enhance energy efficiency significantly. 

Strength and Safety

LOGIX ICF structures provide outstanding strength and safety, being 8.5 times stronger than traditional buildings. These walls withstand extreme weather, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, with a 3-hour fire rating (compared to only 15 minutes for wood walls).

Advanced Soundproofing

Experience peace and quiet with LOGIX ICF walls. Achieving an impressive STC 50 rating, double that of regular wood-framed walls, these walls ensure a serene indoor atmosphere. External loud noises are hushed to a mere murmur within LOGIX structures.


LOGIX buildings are built to stand the test of time, preserving forests and cutting fuel use with their energy-efficient ICF walls. Choosing LOGIX means choosing sustainable, eco-friendly construction for a greener future.

Exceptional Water-Resistant Properties 

ICF Walls are highly moisture-resistant, eliminating the need for an extra vapor barrier as they meet building code standards. Our waterproofing system guarantees a dry basement in below-grade settings. Additionally, LOGIX walls prevent mold and mildew growth, enhancing air quality.

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